COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

As we continue to face this pandemic together, we request your support as we work to ensure we are doing everything we can to slow the spread. It is eTrepid’s policy for each eTech Team member to check their temperature before beginning onsite visits, complete a health questionnaire, wear a mask at every location, as well as use additional protective measures including wearing gloves, utilizing sanitizer, and wiping down service areas before and after providing support.

If you find you have someone at your establishment that has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, we ask that you please notify us immediately. To do so effectively utilize the following steps to guarantee prompt action is taken.

There are three ways to contact us that will guarantee a response and our ability to receive information. Listed in order below from fastest to slowest:

    • Note: Title the email subject “COVID Positive Test.” For privacy reasons please do not include the name of your staff or any personal information that may be associated with the case. Upon retrieval, the incident response team will reach out to perform contact tracing.

Keeping You Informed

We will continue to provide updates and do our best to keep you informed along the way. Thank you for working with us during this unpredictable period as we pull together to ensure everyone’s safety and success while facing the COVID-19 health crisis. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help.

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