ways to set top performing goals

Check out how these top performing CEO's push themselves to stay sharp and prepared for their goals and business needs.

Everyone knows how vital continuous improvement is to fulfillment and success, but everyone has a different strategy to keep themselves sharp and continue driving forward.

IZEA CEO Ted Murphy forces himself to run

a mile every single day, rain or shine, forming an “unbreakable commitment” to “maintaining a balance between his personal health and the demands of work.”


Thomas Pasquet, the co-founder and COO of Ogury, abandoned his office and desk a long time ago so that he could float around the company, meeting and communicating with his colleagues.

Paul Koulogeorge, the CMO of Goddard Systems, Inc., listens to a podcast for at least an hour a day to ensure he’s always learning new things.


First Saturday Lime CEO J.M. McDaniel does everything he can to reduce the number of decisions he has to make each day, wearing nearly the same outfit and eating the same lunch.

Whatever helps keep you fresh and looking forward, try to formalize it and turn it into a habit. Before too long, you’ll start reaping the rewards. Inc.com, 7/14/2018......
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