• Did you know? Registered VOSBs are eligible for "Set-Asides" preferences that benefit our partners, too.
  • Did you know? Our VOSB status can get you in the door of Government Contracting. 
  • Don't wait until your bid gets rejected by a government agency to take action.

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The US Department of Defense (DoD) faces readiness challenges like never before. As a certified cybersecurity solutions provider to the US Government, eTrepid has an unprecedented opportunity to grow and we want to bring you with us.

 The DoD's digital transformation is here. Consider the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification version (CMMC) 1.0 rollout, designed to get defense contractors like you in a better position to protect your networks and controlled unclassified information (CUI) against cyberattacks. Without this protection, you will no longer be able to compete for government contracts. In fact, you may lose existing contracts if you can't reach the required certification level by the prescribed deadline.

Not Just A Certified Cybersecurity Solutions Provider

At eTrepid, we're not just a cybersecurity firm. We're a Veteran-owned Small Business (VOSB), so we understand the government's mission at a visceral level. We've been in the trenches solving the DoD's most prominent cybersecurity challenges with a veteran's practical experience and expertise.

We deal with innovation and technology that many of our commercial peers don't have the experience to manage effectively. By providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions to the federal government, eTrepid focuses on protecting our country through its defense sector. When designing solutions for the DoD and defense contractors, we empower one another to succeed from a stable and secure environment.

Today, our focus is on building relationships with agile defense contractors who can quickly adapt to changing trends and leverage new technologies. If you provide contracting services that help solve the DoD's biggest challenges, you should partner with us.

Working together: Why it matters for the DoD

 "The government and the contractor community must keep working together to address real and growing cybersecurity threats, and we need a robust response to protect our infrastructure, information, and supply chains."

David Berteau, the president and CEO of the Professional Services Council

Partner with a Veteran-owned Solution Provider

Besides having the skills and precision to protect the federal government, we have prime and subcontracting opportunities not available to other businesses.

What does this mean for you?

Who you partner with and how you position your company can win you more contracts. As a veteran-owned IT cybersecurity company, defense contractors seek our government contracting experience and apex protection from today's continuously evolving cybersecurity threats.

If you hope to become or remain a government contractor, you need to get your cybersecurity posture in order. When winning new government contracts can mean the difference between your company's success or failure, don't wait until your bid gets rejected by a government agency to take action.

What Type of Businesses Seek Government Contracts?

Defense contracting is one of the most competitive, lucrative markets. Businesses of all types and sizes can bid on defense contracts for anything from goods and services to technical and research assistance. However, VOSBs like us get particular preferences in government and defense contracting.

As an established veteran-owned small business, we have a competitive edge over our civilian counterparts to help you win more defense contracts. A key ingredient to our success is the team-first mentality that many former military professionals bring to civilian projects.

Defense agencies favor companies with VOSB status

Choosing to partner with a veteran-owned business like eTrepid improves your chance of winning on your next RFP due to government procurement quotas and preferences. There are few veteran-owned IT companies and even fewer that bring our skills and experience to sole-source and set-aside contract opportunities.

DoD contracting officers prefer veteran-owned companies that better understand the military's need for security risk reduction and military protocol. Our comprehensive experience with the US government can help you understand the contract requirements, remain mission-oriented and deliver on the contract's goals - all from a secure cybersecurity environment.

Aside from ensuring your cybersecurity posture meets DoD guidelines, you're more likely to win a contract with eTrepid due to RFP set-aside requirements for veteran-owned small businesses.

These are valuable government agency acquisition opportunities for our partners. Defense contracting officers award eTrepid on set-aside contracts because we've already been vetted, easing their procurement processes. Our VOSB status reduces our competition and strengthens the likelihood of a winning bid for eTrepid and our partners.

Increase Your Government Contract Opportunities

To succeed in government contracting, it helps to lean on people who have been there. Please don't make the mistake of jumping into defense contracting without reaching out to us. Whether you need IT support or a partner to guide you through the maze, at eTrepid, we're here to help government contractors win more contracts.

We want to partner with you. As a qualified Maryland Cybersecurity Company, eTrepid has a seamless process that not only assists DoD contractors with tax credits and available grant funding, but we also provide the Gap Analysis, Remediation, and Security Monitoring required in NIST 800-171.

Partner with us for the experience, security, and precision you need to win more government contracts. To learn more about cybersecurity, preparing for CMMC, or how eTrepid can help you win your next government bid, talk to our defense experts today.

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